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Welcome to my Site!

A Pet Sitter and Dog Walker Service in Miami. I go to you!

I feel much empathy with the dilemma of having to leave your loved ones in the hands of others.
How do you choose someone to take care of your dear pets when you have no other choice than leaving?
Pet Sitting Services have become very useful over the traditional ways and there are many reasons for that.
Most people feel that is best for Domestics Animals to stay in their own environment.
Why hiring a Pet Sitter?
There are plenty of reasons, to hire a Pet sitter that visits your home.
Pet Sitting at your home will decrease stress on them.
Pet Sitting at your home will prevent exposure to illnesses and parasites of other animals.
Pet Sitting at your home will be less restrictive about vaccinations and parasites treatment.
Pet Sitting at your Home will keep your pet or pets in the comfort of their own environment.
Pet Sitters keep pets in their normal routine.
The Pet Sitter won't have to deal with neighbors, friends or family members feeling that they are an inconvenienced. The job will be performed with plenty of freedom and stress free, focusing on what is important.” The Pets”.

I hope this information will help you to decide that this is the better way to go.
In this Web Site you will find a variety of Pet Sitting Services Designed to satisfy different needs.
Pet Sitters are not alike any other service, establishing a relationship with your Pet Sitter with enough time is vital.

About Miss Pet Sitter

I am a Pet Sitter and an Artist.
I am serving in Miami since 2007.
I Perform my Pet Sitting Dog and Walking Services at your Place.
I Cover Pinecrest, Kendall, South Miami, Coral Gables, Cutler Bay and Homestead.
If you found my ads you are in my zone of Service.
Feel free to contact me to learn more about services and rates.
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Pet Photo Editing


I am your Pet Photo Editor. I will edit your Pet Photograph.

I have more than 22 years of Digital Work experience.
I specialize in creating and processing Digital Art and Photography, analyzing and processing Media, and Graphic Design.
My Packages are very well priced and balance with my quality of work.
My Design Styles are very wide open, from simple and classic to more unconventional, and fun.

I will take that one Image of your Dear Pet and elevated to ART!


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Operating in Dade County

License # 7229627

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